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The construction and opening of a state of the art Coin Laundry store is an exciting opportunity to enter into the business or expand your existing store operations. The process of the new Coin Laundry store build-out and ultimate grand opening has many components crucial to the success of this long term investment. From initial analysis of the proposed store site to the ultimate grand opening and operations training, it is important to choose the right partner in managing this process.

Cal Laundry has experience of over 35 years in the successful completion of more than 100 new Coin Laundry development projects throughout California. Please take a few minutes and review the services Cal Laundry offers for the set up of a new Coin Laundry in your proposed site or one of Cal Laundry's pre-selected sites.

 Site Selection

Site Selection

Cal Laundry will quickly determine the quality and potential viability of the R.E. site proposed for the installation of the new Coin Laundry store by carefully considering the type of retail center proposed, parking, visibility, and an evaluation of area competition.

 Market Demographics

Area demographic analyses are crucial to the initial determination of viability of a new store site. Cal Laundry utilizes an in-house comprehensive demographics program to identify the potential of the proposed site. Our analysis of these important demographic numbers will help determine the most practical size of the store, equipment mix, vend pricing, and many other components necessary to the success of the project.

 Design & Layout

Once a new site has been evaluated and approved as a possible new Coin Laundry location, Cal Laundry will begin the process of designing a store layout complete with Washers, Dryers, and all ancillary equipment needed to complete the best design appropriate to the market demographics and the specific dimensions of the building. This preliminary design and layout will become important to the process of costing the construction and equipment prior to making a final determination to move forward.

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