Laundromat Consulting for Southern California

Evaluate, negotiate and navigate complex laundromat ownership and investment issues. 

Advanced One-on-One Consulting

Yes, we work with you personally and directly one-on-one. Our consults will be live, in-depth discussions regarding your personal goals to acquire a laundromat business as well as focused evaluations of each laundromat purchase opportunity. Our work together will get you started out right and provide you with insight and understanding of each step in finding and ultimately closing on your laundromat purchase.

Highlights of our One-on-One Process:

  • “Quick start” understanding of where you should be looking and what questions need to be asked when inquiring about a laundromat business offering (saves hours and hours of chasing around the wrong opportunities)
  • Real and insightful understanding of the true value of any laundromat offering that you are interested in considering before you make an offer (each laundromat is different, there are many underlying aspects that go unnoticed when valuing a prospective purchase opportunity)
  • Crafting an offer to purchase with an extensive list of appropriate contingencies, requests for information, and due diligence/discovery review items that must be included in any offer to purchase a laundromat business
  • Evaluation of all due diligence and discovery of the facts of the actual business sales and expenses and viability of the business lease that will drastically effect the future profitability of the business and your ability to someday sell the business
  • Side-by-side review of all Escrow documentation, business lease transfers, and assistance with preparing for the transfer of the business at closing

What clients say

"I wanted to thank you for your time and the discussion today. It is obvious that you are very much an industry expert having operated and bought/sold several laundromats. I'm entering the laundry industry and don't have much experience to back me up, and hence the conversation was extremely valuable to me, gave me pointers on what to look for in the lease, utilities, parts labor, and the attendant expense. More importantly, I appreciate that you voluntarily responded to my post and gave me so much information. Please let me know if I can help refer your services, post a yelp review or such. The industry is better off because of experts like yourself."
Laundromat researcher
"Thank you for our phone conversation yesterday. I was very impressed with your professional knowledge, candor and willingness to assist me in securing a more viable alternative in the future. What a wonderful, refreshing change you are in contrast to others I have been in contact with! I greatly appreciated you 'cutting to the chase' with the Bixby Laundromat and not wasting either of our time on something that was just not an appropriate venture for me. Subsequent to our conversation I advised the Seller's Agent that I was withdrawing my interest in the listing and, not surprising to me, his only response was 'thank you.' As you highly suspected, they know exactly what the store's capacity is and probably did not want to 'get in to the weeds' with us about any reason(s) for the withdraw. Most likely just prefer to move on to some other potential Buyer. Again, thank you for your terrific counsel - excellent call. I look forward to working with you on a more viable opportunity in the future."
Ferris R. Foster
Laundromat owner

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