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Laundry Acquisition 101

Learn How to Evaluate Existing Businesses
$ 539
Three 1-Hour Sessions
  • Web research
  • Property Evaluations
  • Due Dilligence

One-on-One Consulting

Direct Access to Laundromat Experts
$ 839
12 Hours of Phone Consulting
  • Direct access to the CalLaundry team
  • Detailed phone consultations
  • Coaching and project reviews

Advanced Evaluation Training

Leasing, Negotiation and Purchase Advantages
$ 1239
Four-Weeks of Private Consulting
  • How to spot unique deals
  • Leasing and negotiation traps
  • Advanced purchasing strategies

Here are some of the highlights of what we provide our clients:

·        “Quick start” understanding of where you should be looking and what questions need to be asking when inquiring about a laundromat business offering (saves hours and hours of chasing around the wrong opportunity).

·        Real and insightful understanding of the true value of any laundromat offering that  you are interested in considering before you make an offer (each laundromat is different, there are many underlying aspects that go unnoticed when valuing a prospective purchase opportunity).

·        How to craft an offer to purchase with an extensive list of appropriate contingencies, requests for information, and due diligence/discovery review items that must be included in any offer to purchase a laundromat business (protects you from getting tied up for weeks in deal that goes nowhere).

·       Evaluation of all due diligence and discovery of the facts of the actual business sales and expenses and viability of the business lease that will drastically effect the future  profitability of the business and your ability to someday sell the business.

·        Side-by-side review of all escrow documentation, business lease transfers, and assistance with preparing for the transfer of the business at closing.

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