About Us

With more than 40 years in the Laundry Industry, we have assisted hundreds of clients in the evaluation of laundry business purchases and the development of new and remodeled laundromats.

Cal Laundry helps potential investors understand the real numbers and circumstances surrounding any potential laundry for sale offering.

Our mission is to help you avoid both the typical and lesser-known mistakes that lead to poor investment choices. With our expert guidance, you can evaluate complicated scenarios and clearly understand risks well before the keys to the business are in your hands.

Cal Laundry protects you by delivering both the good and bad news in any given laundromat deal. We’re very good at identifying and addressing pre-purchase issues that are found during due diligence and resolving them before the deal closes and your money is transferred.

Our 3-D Process



Cal Laundry consulting offers detailed discovery sessions that help you get at the real numbers behind laundromat offerings.



We help you go beyond discovery and define the real value of the business you’re considering.



Once discovery and definition phases are complete, we help you develop and deploy a sound strategy for making an offer and purchasing a location.